Saturday, 20 July 2013

Payment Options

You gets various options for paying to out reliable services and products, whichever is required to you. well, mostly/ likely all other companies we accept payments through -

Bank Accounts, Online Accounts, Online Transfers, Cash Deposits, Bank Cheque Deposits, NEFT, Paypal, Credit Cards,  Debit Cards.

Note: any additional charges included by the service providers will be under customer expenses "Reliable 4 You {R4Y}" won't be paying or discounting you any amount other than the Xtra Discounted Offers (if any).

If you are using bank services than please contact us for the bank details: services will be activated as soon as we will receive funds finally in our bank accounts (when payment cleared and credited in to out account) as they have a step by step procedure.

Rest Payment through PayPal services and Credit or Debit Cards, are fast in action and with the help of our auto-mated system services are activated as soon as the transaction is completed. but, they surely costs you extra than the original costs as due to cheap pricing and lowest of our margins we cannot afford the online service expenses, so have to be included to the customer transaction as service charges.

Well, if you do not want to pay extra charges than the listed prices of the products and/ or services, you can prefer bank services which are not charging  extra as well as more secure payment method for both of us (Company & Customer).

Note: cash deposits may charge (other branch charges) you sometimes depending on the product or services you are willing to have like buying domains or email plans etc. Hosting Plans won't be charging Xtra on cash deposits.

Advises: Keep prepaid account balance (any time withdrawal option) in your Customer Account so that in case you are willing to buy (Specially in case of domains) using bank services, as bank services will take their time to clear the funds and the domain you carted, can still be purchased from other party (on the basis of first pay). so it is recommended for you to keep some funds in you Customer Account for the safety of your domain name which will not be available (never again at reasonable prices).

Terms & Conditions - varies according to the type of services and mentioned along with them (normal web & server terms & fair usage policies).